Roltex Oy

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FI-01900 Nurmijärvi, FInland
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From single units to overall projects


Since the company was founded, a lot of effort has been put in product development and the development of a varied range of services.

In the beginning the main part of our products consisted of dock levellers, but the product range grew fast. Today we deliver total projects from problem charting to the end of a product's life cycle.

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Roltex Oy

  • A Finnish company, founded 1993.
  • The main export area is Russia. A subsidiary was founded in 1996 in St.Petersburg.
  • The production plant is situated in Kokkola, where the dock levellers, door shelters and steel constructions are manufactured.
  • We also deliver a large range of industrial doors and lifting tables.
  • We can also offer planning, installation and service to our equipment. 

Our business idea

To solve customer's loading problems. Therefor we supply and maintain devices, with which loading operations can be executed ergonomically right and in a safe manner.

Achieving cost-effectiveness in the energy consumption in loading areas, e.g. by optimization through the use of dock shelters and doors.

Continuous product development.